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Medical & spa Center Spring #6

Medical and rehabilitation centre “Tskaltubo Thermal Waters

the famous Spring #6

Health Thermal SPA & Wellness Center


Tskaltubo Thermal Waters” LLC, the famous medical and rehabilitation and spa center, the legendary Spring #6, a holder of ISO 9001:2015 certificate, is a balneological facility with the healing radon mineral water, and not a hotel.There, visitors of Tskaltubo can receive different types of medical and rehabilitative treatments but the facility does not provide accommodation or overnight stay. It is necessary to know that it was the case in the past, as it is these days - the medical and rehabilitation facilities do not provide lodging for the vacationers.The vacationers would and are accommodated in hotels (previously, sanatoriums), or private sector rental houses/apartments (depending on their choice) and visit the medical rehabilitation centre for the water therapy and other treatment procedures. This type of organisation is in place because Tskaltubo mineral springs cannot be pumped over long distances from their source areas, because the mineral water loses its unique chemical composition and cools down within three to four minutes after release. Thus, medical treatment is delivered using the continuously flowing fresh mineral water. The vacationers receive medical care in the water source areas, at medical and rehabilitation facilities, and not hotels.The treatment course in Tskaltubo resort lasts from 14 to 21 days and at least for 10-12 days.

As regards the price for the treatment: the average price for a day of the complex treatment programme  is 70 GEL, if a horizontal stretching of the spine is required, then up to 90 GEL.

Out of 17 different medical procedures, patients are prescribed three to five procedures. The types and number of the medical procedures are defined by a local doctor, depending on the general health condition of a patient and the gravity of comorbidities.

Medical and Rehabilitation Centre “Balneoresort Tskaltubo (“Stalin Bathhouse”#6)” is open every day (including holidays), 365 days a year, during 10:00-17:00.

As regards the accommodation, Tskaltubo offers 10 hotels, plenty of family hotels, and private sector lodging, such as houses and apartments. It is possible to rent a room or a bed in a shared room. All of them are well equipped, comfortable, and provide full board (three meals a day).

The price for a single hotel room with full board starts from 100 GEL and a double room (full board) from 160 GEL.

All prices provided on this website (medical procedures, hotels) are “net prices” set by the suppliers of these services - i.e. without any "surcharges", "markups" and "percent" on our part. By purchasing services from us, you do not overpay, but pay exactly the amount set by the service providers - i.e. the treatment and rehabilitation centres and hotels.

For more information about the treatment, hotels, and transport services in Tskaltubo resort, you can visit this website:

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