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General contraindications, excluding Directions of patients to any resorts

1. All diseases in the acute stage, chronic diseases in acute and complicated purulent processes.
2. Acute infectious diseases before the expiry of the insulation.
3. All venereal diseases in the acute and contagious form.
4. Mental illness. All forms of drug addiction, alcoholism. Epilepsy.
5. All blood diseases in acute stage and exacerbation stage.
6. Cachexia of any origin.
7. Malignant neoplasm.
8. Frequently repetitive or heavy bleeding.
9. Pregnancy in all periods - in spa resorts and mud, and climatic health resorts, starting from 26 week.
In addition, in all stages of pregnancy, pregnant should not be directed to the resorts and sanatoriums:
a) mud-bath spa for gynecological diseases;
b) for the treatment extragenital diseases with rodon baths;
c) The inhabitants of the plains to the mountain resorts located at an altitude of 1000 m above sea level.
10. All forms of tuberculosis in an active stage - for all resorts and sanatoriums of tubercular profile.