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type of resort - climatic and balneological;
resort profile - phthisiatric (lungs); arthrological.

The relief of resort Abastumani is mountainous. The climate- Medium Mountain (low zone), winter is cold, showy. Winter average temp. -4℃. The snow cover is steady from December to the end of March. Summer is warm, the average August temp. is +27℃ . The average humidity is 77%. The precipitation number per year is 688 mm. The length of sunny hours a year is 1967. Natural medical factors: low zone, mild climate, thermal, flinty, sulphate-chlorine, calcium-natrium mineral waters, with general mineralization 0,6 g/d m3. Medical characteristics: sharp and chronic forms of pneumatic-pleorisy, yoitre, bronchitis. Life and its duration depend on the air that we breathe. Fresh air doesn’t mean much oxygen, as air itself is inert, it needs activating with air ions. The microclimate of Abastumani naturally actives and intensifies vitality and life. Take a chance to breach Abastumani unique air! Get better and priding your life!

Aabastumani, located in the sourt part of Georgia, – Samtskhe-Javakheti, on the southern mountainsides covered with coniferous forests of the Meskheti, range on 1300m altitude.

Climat-Balneologycal resort Abastumani as particular mountain treatment zone is on the list among the world’s tree. Scientific studying of medical characteristics of Abastumani started m the 70s of the 19th century, at the same time there was started constructing of phtisiatric resort. Dr. Adolf Rammert who was the chief of administration of mineral waters of Tbilisi /province those days/ took an active part in planning and imbodyment of Abastumani resort planning.

Resort Abastumani was well-known in the former USSR, by its unique microclimate and treating characteristics of the air and thermic waters. It was considered as one of the most significant resorts Abastumani is excellent means for prophylaxis of lung illnesses. Spring time is especially useful when pollination of pines starts. At this time you can breathe the special air full of unique medical qualities for lungs, bronchial tubes, thyroid glands, enjoy unique nature, ozone therapy and sunbathing.