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type of resort - climatic;
resort profile - preventive; pulmonary; neurological; cardiological.

Ureki and Grigoleti resorts located at the Black Sea coast, in Guria region, are popular summer vacation destinations especially for families with children. The climate of the resorts is subtropical with mild snowless winter and hot summer.

Outstanding curative feature of the resorts together with its climate is magnetic sands that can be found on the entire shore stretching between the resorts on about 11 km though higher concentration of magnetic irons are observed on one particular section of the coastline in the vicinity of Supsa River mouth. Length of this seashore totals 1.5 km and its width equals to 50 meters. Water in Ureki is quite shallow, thus it is suitable for kids to swim. Sun rays easily penetrate the shallow water and heat the sand. After midday swimming in the sea is especially pleasant as warm sand keeps the water warm.

Magnetic sand of the resort which is fine-grained containing 2-7% of iron magnetic ore is good for curing various diseases. Cardiovascular system diseases, locomotive and nervous systems disorder - these are just few to name that can be treated here. The healing properties have especially positive results in treating children diseases. It is worth to mention that these positive impacts are caused not only by the magnetic sand but also other factors including thalassotherapy – medical use of seawater.


The resorts are the best places for those who are in search of stillness and unity with nature.

Magic features of the resorts are curative climate and magnetic sands.