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General Information

Information about  treatment in Tskaltubo

* During the sanatorial and resort treatment, regardless of the variety of treatment complexes / programs, every visitor / patient is necessarily assigned individual treatment that is appropriate for different functional systems of the body, at different forms and stages of disease, as well as for the overall condition of the body.

*** In Tskaltubo, almost all water procedures are conducted in radon-mineral water.

Attention! The visitor / patient should undergo the health examination beforehand and have the results with him/her before the departure for the resort.

**** In case of an orthopaedic pathology, or in the case of vertebral disease, it is recommended to have magnetic resonance imaging or computed tomography scan.

Complex treatment-healing programs for various pathologies have been developed and successfully implemented at the treatment and Rehabilitation Centres of "Balneoresort Tskaltubo ("Source # 6" and "Source # 1"). Typically, these programs are developed, through the doctor-patient consultations, considering the specifics of the individual conditions of the patient /vacationer, and the course of the disease, based on health examination data and analysis results. The programs are designed for a long-term stay (10-14-21 days), as they include many treatment procedures.

The cost of treatment plans is determined by the type and number of treatment procedures prescribed by the doctor on site. In turn, the types and number of treatment procedures are determined by the patient's / vacationer's overall health status, age, course of major and concomitant diseases.

Tskaltubo mineral-radon water is used to treat the following diseases:
1. Diseases of the locomotor system (osteochondrosis, arthrosis, arthritis, discogenic radiculitis, etc.);
2. Diseases of the cardiovascular system (post-infarct condition, post cardiac bypass surgery, hypertension, etc.;
3. Diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system (neurosis, central circulatory disorder, neuritis and neuropathies, etc.);
4. Gynecological diseases (inflammatory processes, infertility, etc.);
5. Urological diseases (inflammatory diseases);
6. Skin diseases (psoriasis, eczema, neurodermitis, etc.);
7. Diseases of the endocrine system (diffuse goitre, gout, some forms of diabetes, etc.).