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Therapeutic effects caused by radon

Radon action on the living organism is multifaceted. There is no any cell, system, which is not affected by radon. At various diseases the first place is taken by different aspects of the therapeutic effect of radon procedures.

In diseases of the musculoskeletal system:

Admission of radon procedures reduces the inflammation and increase mobility in the affected joints, reduction of pain, as well as provides desensitizing effect (removal of allergies).

In cardiovascular diseases:

Radon causes the nutrition of the heart muscle, normalization of blood pressure (decrease in case of hypertension and decrease in hypotension), slowing of the heart rate and increasing stroke and cardiac output.

Radon has an antiarrhythmic effect.

In diseases of the nervous system:

 Radon procedures has analgesic effect.

Radon improves reception during inflammatory processes in the nerve, accelerates the regeneration of nerve fibers. Radon has sedative (calming) effect on the central nervous system.

In diseases of the female genitalia:

Radon in diseases of the female reproductive organs improves blood circulation of the pelvic organs, increasing the threshold of skin and pain sensitivity, a significant anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. It has a positive effect on the general condition of patients, menstrual and reproductive function, hormonal ovarian function; positive effect is detected on uterine and menopausal bleeding, inflammatory lesions in the pelvis. It stops the growth of fibroids, if its size is less than the size of a three-month pregnancy.

In urological diseases:

In urological diseases it has inflammatory, analgesic, bacteriostatic (stopping the growth of bacteria), antispasmodic effect; accelerates contractile muscle function of biliary tract, reduces the level of uric acid in the blood.

In the gastro-intestinal diseases:

Drinking radon water activates regeneration (recovery) of the gastric mucosa after resection, accelerates the healing of stomach ulcers and intestine, reduces the acidity in the increased acidity of gastric juice.


Radon has a normalizing effect on the primary (protein), carbohydrate, mineral, water and cholesterol metabolism in the body.

Reduces specific reactivity (allergy), and increases non-specific reactivity (immunity) of the body.

It increases the body's resistance to infectious diseases.

Enhances anti-tumor immunity

Radon baths accelerate epithelialization of the skin in patients with burns.

The time of therapeutic effect of the radon depends on the form of the disease, its stage, and body condition. It begins during the course of treatment, reaches its maximum in 1.5-2 months, and lasts from six months to one and a half years.