Balneological resort 

By forces of nature, mind of doctor ...

Georgian resorts - Abastumani, Borjomi, Tskaltubo enjoyed worldwide fame. If similar Abastumani and Borjomi resorts are found, the analogue of Tskaltubo mineral sources among existing on earth healing waters doesn’t exist!

(A. S. Schukarev).

Tskaltubo is known worldwide special SPA resort. Tskaltubo is located in the central part of western Georgia.its climate is conditioned by the resort's location in the zone oh humid subtropics, the proximity of the Black Sea and its protection from cold, nothern winds by the Greater Caucasus Range. winter is mild and mostly snowless here.Summer is very warm and moderately humid. Sunny dys are typical here through rainy and overcast weather is not infrequent.

The resort is famous for its unique radon-carbonate mineral springs. The natural temperature of the water that varies between 33 and 340C enables them to be used without preliminary heating. Naturally warm unique water can cure illnesses like locomotive system disorder, cardiovascular system disease, skin and endocrine diseases, gynecological disorder, disturbance in metabolism, etc. Duration of the treatment varies from 14 to 21 days.

Balneo service N6 and N1 baths built over the springs are located in the central parks of Tskaltubo resort. Well-equipped buildings with 5 pools of mineral water, 33 individual baths,16 cabinets for hydromassage and other facilities make bath procedures very comfotable. Constantly flowing water ensures to keep phisical and chemical composition as well as curative properties, homogeniety and temperature of the water stable.

There are following services  and procedures available at bath N6: a mineral water bath, an underwater hydro massage,aqua aerobics, a horizontal underwater spinal traction, a classical curative massage, phisiotherapy, gynecological irrigation,shower "sharko", a "circular " shower, peloidotherapy, colonhydrotherapy etc.

Tskaltubo mineral water is distinguished for its all ingredients which are in it below the lower limit of the permissible limits.

In Tskhaltubo is carried out treatment of patients - both adults and children.
Recommended duration of classic spa treatment is 14-21 days.
Welcome to the world-famous balneological resort Tskaltubo