Bath Building N6

At a distance of 200 meters from the spring N3 to the south is the source of 6. A long ago where now is located the bathing building (until 1950) was a pretty big lake. The lake was 32 meters long, 26 meters wide, the depth of up to 8 meters, so called it a "big bath."

The Source №6 is located in the depth of balneal area (in the center). The Source was built specially for I.B. Stalin by architects M.V. Tarasov and G.M. Khimshiashvili. Construction was begun in 1950 April and ended in a record time (9 months). The building was brought into service since 1 January 1951.

The main entrance, swimming pools, common areas are lined with Georgian marble, mosaic, square ceramic timber of trees.

In the lobby there are 6 decorative floor lamps. B. Khazalia thinks that these sculptures are the works of the famous sculptor and self-taught Isidor G. Frich-Harry.

The facade is decorated with s bas-relief. This is one of the best bathroom buildings not only for comfort, but also balneotechnical equipment. Neither before nor later can’t other bathroom buildings be compared with the spring № 6. The spring has 30 individual baths and three pools.

On the right wing of the source are located pool and one suite. In 1951, in the bath Stalin took bathes there. 

In the spring #6 there are well furnished rooms: inhalation, hydrotherapy, gynecological (vaginal irrigation), physiotherapy, mechanotherapy, massage, underwater massage,pressotherapy etc. There are also halls for relax and waiting. Here are placed physico-chemical and radiological laboratory of the resort.


      Bath Building N1

Bath #1 is the oldest medical facility,which is built directly on the mineral spring.Water from mineral spring fills tanks without  running through the pipes.The bath has two big pools. Pools are located directly at the #1  spring; water is continuously supplied to pools, fills them and flows out of them.