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The name "balneotherapy" comes from the Latin balneum - bath, swimming and Greek therapeia - treatment. What lays behind two words of ancient languages, which has turned into one - a modern language? One of the most popular SPA-treatments: spa treatments.

History of balneotherapy

It is not known who first had the idea to use the underground mineral resources for healing. Even the country cannot be named where it was first occurred. It seems that many people at the same time realized that the mineral water is hidden a great healing power and learned to use it for their own benefit, not only for bathing, but also for treatment.

Egyptians and Babylonians were first who described the therapeutic qualities. In ancient papyri and clay plates preserved stories about the properties of water. In the era of the Roman Empire treatments by using mineral water and hot springs were popular almost more than today. The Romans knew a lot about the care of the body. The Roman physician Galen recommended sulfur baths to everyone to have a healthy radiant skin. Until now, the tourists in different parts of Europe show the remains of Roman baths - Balneum, prototypes of modern SPA-salons.

From the ancient world knowledge about the healing power of water moved into the world of the Renaissance. Gradually, around mineral springs began to grow resorts Vichy, Carlsbad, Wiesbaden, Baden-Baden. On the stay "in the waters" enthusiastically wrote Hugo, Belinsky, Dostoevsky, Bismarck, Nietzsche. How many love stories appeared owing to "hydrotherapy"!

Years passed before intuitive understanding of use of the mineral water has became confident for its curative properties and later in the scientific and proven method of treatment

Action of balneotherapy

What is particularly in these mineral waters? And what is - mineral water? ..

Mineral is named to water, formed deep in the earth under high temperature and pressure. From rocks they acquire particular properties (e.g., radioactivity) obtain mineral or organic components, gases (radon, nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide), salts. As a result - the groundwater can have a therapeutic effect on the human body.

Often on the surface the mineral waters come in the form of sources. Around them are built spas. Waters are distinguished according to temperature as are cold (below 20°C), warm (21-35°C) and hot (above 35°C).

Long ago languid ladies of high society liked to go "on the water" to treat shattered nerves. Since then it not changed so much. As in the old times the people are sent to the mineral springs in case of problems with the nervous system. However, this doesn’t limit their healing powers. Mineral water used in balneotherapy, increases the protective and restoration forces to the body. This means that they strengthen the immune system, normalize metabolism. Balneotherapy is often prescribed for rehabilitation after serious illness or surgery: myocardial infarction, angioplasty, cardiac valves, stomach.

When you take a mineral bath, your body is exposed to several types of impacts: temperature, chemical composition of water and hydrostatic pressure. In addition, the water in the battle for your health even allocates gases. It sounds, perhaps frightening, but in practice they bring many benefits: stimulating nerve receptors, gases (radon, nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen) and salts penetrate through the skin, mucous membranes and the respiratory tract into the blood.

In balneotherapy there is applied natural mineral water (extracted directly from the sources) or artifically prepared water.  First one, it is not difficult to guess, is more useful.